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The Men Of Jasper Hill September 2013


The Men of Jasper Hill
A Novel in Seven Stories

Six men, one building, seven stories

What if you had different parents, born into a different family with different circumstances? What if you lived in a different city with different friends? What would your life be like?

Have you wished for a different mother or father? Wished you were someone else to escape the pain, if only for one day? Does your family and friends accept you where you are standing today?

The Men of Jasper Hill is a family. Ride along as strangers, from a variety of different social and economical situations, befriend, belittle, envenom, and live amidst each other in loving relationships.

The Men of Jasper Hill tackles the urban themes of encroachment, friendship, execrable villainy, fierce loyalty, and generic families.

Every character adds a layer of intrigue to personal, cinematic, expressive, and grim grace.

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