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The Men Of Jasper Hill September 2013


The Men of Jasper Hill
A Novel in Seven Stories

Six men, one building, seven stories

What if you had different parents, born into a different family with different circumstances? What if you lived in a different city with different friends? What would your life be like?

Have you wished for a different mother or father? Wished you were someone else to escape the pain, if only for one day? Does your family and friends accept you where you are standing today?

The Men of Jasper Hill is a family. Ride along as strangers, from a variety of different social and economical situations, befriend, belittle, envenom, and live amidst each other in loving relationships.

The Men of Jasper Hill tackles the urban themes of encroachment, friendship, execrable villainy, fierce loyalty, and generic families.

Every character adds a layer of intrigue to personal, cinematic, expressive, and grim grace.


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Christmas blowout sale on all Ebooks @ smashwords.com

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December 21, 2012 · 9:39 pm

A. Scott Boddie Bundle: Down Low Players, Uninvited, The Adventures of Maxwell Hunter: The Hook-Up, The Adventures of Maxwell Hunter: My Erotic Valentine [Paperback]

A. Scott Boddie Bundle: Down Low Players, Uninvited, The Adventures of Maxwell Hunter: The Hook-Up, The Adventures of Maxwell Hunter: My Erotic Valentine [Paperback]

Print book for $7.99 @ amazon.com


Down Low Players

Zion Marque Williams becomes an orphan with the untimely death of his parents.

He finds solace in the game of basketball and in the arms of his many male lovers. He is engaged to a New York socialite, and his erotic affairs with men go unnoticed until he meets a soccer player.

Lies and betrayals surface and friendships are tested. Down Low Players, tackles the urban themes of love, loss, identity, the power of sexual urges, and the backlash of homophobia prevalent in urban communities.


The Departments of Justice statistics show 5000-8000 home invasions are reported daily. At any given moment, anyone could enter a home and terrorize its occupants with the intent to murder.

Explore your worst fears imaginable, an uninvited man subtly and quickly enters the family home of three creating a tense atmosphere. During a freak blizzard on Thanksgiving night, a man slyly enters the family home of three in Queens NYC.

The family is his family, but like strangers, this Schizophrenic gay homeless man, John, is there with the intent to murder his father and make him pay for the emotionally disconnected crime he has committed against him and others.

Follow this violent tale, as told by John, as the layers peel back and the truth surfaces.

The Hook-Up: Adventures of Maxwell Hunter

On Friday night, in the gay Mecca of New York City, Maxwell Hunter makes a pit stop at a local club for a hook-up to quench his thirst for sex.

Maxwell is surprised to find the man of his dreams, a hottie named Jhonny. But there are many obstacles keeping them apart…

Adventures of Maxwell Hunter: My Erotic Valentine

Adventures of Maxwell Hunter resume, and it is Valentine’s Day. Maxwell is not in his usually chipper mood. He is dateless and sexless.

He loathes Valentine’s Day as a rule, and plans to spend the night in his apartment. While out shopping, he is surprised to receive an invitation to a Valentine’s Day Party; however, it is not your average white and red cutesy party with punch and heart decorations.

It is a wild, hip-hop, drug infested, male only sex party. All the down-low, married, and gay men of color frequent sex parties at night, unbeknownst to their girlfriends, wives, and partners. Maxwell decides to go to the sex party and get some new ass.

The nature of a full on, man on man, men of color and those who love them, sex party–will shock, tantalize, and horn you up.

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November 29, 2012 · 12:09 am